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Living in Portugal


With over 3000 hours of sunshine a year and 850 km of coastline and beautiful beaches, Portugal is the perfect destination all year round.
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With over 800 years old, Portugal is an extremely rich country with history and a lots of monuments.
The Portuguese heritage surprises for its diversity and concentration of: stone sculptures, Roman remains, time of great discoveries, peaceful revolution of carnations, and much more.
Member of the European Union since 1987, the official language is Portuguese.
French was the first foreign language until the 1970s, then English became the most widely spoken foreign language in Portugal, but French became a widely spoken language due to the emigration of the Portuguese to French-speaking countries.
The population is about 10.5 million.
The Portuguese territory has a total area of 92 090 km² and is bordered only by Spain to the East and North, to the West and to the South it is limited by the Atlantic.
Portugal has a continental part and two autonomous regions: the archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira.
Em termos de segurança, Portugal fica um país bastante seguro com 3.983 infrações por 100.000 habitantes, a taxa de delinquência portuguesa mantém-se abaixo da média europeia (7.232 por 100.000 habitantes).
Portugal is one of the most globalized and peaceful nations in the world.
Explore this country rich in natural landscapes and unique cultural heritage, where tradition and modernity blend perfectly. The atmosphere of the local customs, the gastronomy and its delicious wines, complete the charm of this country.
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