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Portuguese Gastronomy

The Gastronomy in Portugal

Portuguese Gastronomy is a cuisine from its multicultural past. The choice and use of basic ingredients can be explained by the influence of the different peoples who have occupied the country over time, but also by the contribution of colonies, or by local agriculture.

For example Moors came figs, almonds, citrus and Romans came olives. The sailors have brought back from each of its many stopovers new flavors, spices, cereals, fruits, vegetables and various seeds.

Portugal’s gastronomy is also based on seafood. Portugal is indeed very rich in fish and seafood. But it also produces high quality meat such as Minho beef (a unique species in the world). the goats and sheep of the Serra da Estrela (unique species).

In terms of desserts, there is a multitude and each major city has its own dessert.

The former colonies of Portugal have all left their mark on the country’s appreciated food. Cinnamon for example is found in all pastries and tomatoes and potatoes from the New World are part of every meal. The Moors have taught residents how to mix fruit with meat and fish and this is a habit we still find today.

But the favorite dish of the Portuguese is of course the cod (bacalhau) they eat dried or salted, stew or bouillabaisse, often with eggs and olives. Impossible to go to Portugal without tasting it! They also love sopas (warm soups of vegetables or fish) and petiscos which are in fact tapas in the Portuguese fashion.

As for drinks, Portugal is best known for its port and its delicious liqueurs. But the most important thing in Portugal is tradition and the perpetuation of origins. Children are born with this food they cherish and, proud of their origins, pass it on to their children …