At the World Travel Awards last week, the Portuguese island of Madeira was voted the most beautiful island in the Old Continent.

If you run out of ideas for the next vacation, you now know where to go. According to the 2019 World Travel Awards ranking released last week, the prettiest island in Europe is MadeThe Portuguese territory is ahead of the Balearics, Cyprus, Sardinia and Malta, also named.

Located off the coast of Morocco, this Portuguese archipelago brings everyone’s agreement: nature and party lovers will find their happiness there. With its subtropical climate, its wild beauty, Madeira attracts almost 1.5 million tourists throughout the year. From the summit of Pico do Arierio to the northern coves, passing by the dry rocks of the Ponto do Rosto peninsula and the imposing cliff walls of the south, much of Madeira is of supernatural beauty.

Article from Marie-Adèle Copin/ L’essentiel from June 24, 2019